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► LEAGUE OF LEGENDS – The 2020 Season Cinematic Movie (4K60) WARRIORS


The Cinematic movie for League of Legends 2020 Season including all Cinematics and Cutscenes up to and including January 2020 pieced together to provide …


  1. Wibbly Wobbly says

    35:40 "oo~"

  2. ᄀᄋᄉ says

    갈리오에서 한번 지리고 럭스에 세번 지렸다..

  3. sandi rahman says

    i like song LoL Game

  4. Shanly Orbigo says


  5. Shanly Orbigo says

    League of Legends 👊👊👊👍👍😁😁😁

  6. Bernardo Lutonadio Lutonadio says

    Grande coisa, incrível e sensacional.

  7. Runa Stark says

    Люкс была у меня первой))) она так шикарна боже.. один глаз протираю от слёз, вторым смотрю


    annie is good use in bot

  9. Maydel rias eona Leal says

    I like Annie in gema

  10. Bang Endut TV says

    Di detik ke 1:03:05 buat sayah kaget dan terharu pula 💗

  11. Sabriin Hassan says

    Which kind of movie is this?!.🤔😂😂🥴

  12. april torres says


  13. shibu thomas says

    Amazing animation, great creativity and imagination.

  14. Blaze Maika says

    Avarious Z Blaze 🔮(⚡🔥)☯️✝️☮️

  15. Edgar Kaung says

    I like this

  16. fernando pinto says

    La historia que mas me atrapo fue la de annie absolutamente increíble y felicitaciones a la gente que trabajo en la historia espero que se tenga en cuenta a un futuro crear una rivalidad reviviendo el alma de la madre o el padre de annie creando así un rival perfecto para annie ya sea por pelear para liberar el alma de sus padres o algo relacionado con su vida pasada.

  17. Brian Hillard says

    that would be really good lol

  18. Qayin Hevel says

    Mobile Legends players: LoL is dead.
    LoL: Hold my cinematic movies.

  19. LucioKera says

    I love LoL but they rlly gotta sort out that white people voicing black champions stuff. 👁 👄 👁

  20. Jenelyn Monforte says

    Wow!I am amazed of this movie.and all of the heroes are so a real cool👍👍👑👑

  21. Jemimah Balmaceda says

    I love how women are the powerful ones

  22. Notty Prince says

    Is this movie…plzzz somebody tell me

  23. Kingveemo I says

    Ey we gotta credit this man for putting this all into a movie. like look at this! 😀

  24. utr sarcasm says


  25. Limmuel Manicio says

    Pls answer me who is the men in 27:27

  26. Zoid says

    This Some Avengers Stuff Chill

  27. Tracey Pruett says

    Amazing art so epic

  28. Riley P says

    와 인트로 무엇 가슴이 존나 웅장해진다

  29. Caio César says

    Muito bom é de emocionar a historia do LOL, parabéns!!

  30. Manuella C C Burgos says

    esse nautilus estava no mínimo 20/1

  31. Cennix says

    I feel bad for Annie

  32. Ngoc Lam says

    Love you ad 🥰🥰🥰

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