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22/7 (nanabun no nijyuuni) Character Song – I Wish Life Was Easier


Eight young girls are brought together by the hands of fate. Each receive a letter that says, “You will be joining an idol group and debuting on a major label.


  1. Nico Doe says

    im seriously about to try to get into 22/7 for sally lmfao

  2. Phuong Anh Pham says


  3. Merey Orynbekova says

    Existential crisis regardless of the situation

    But honestly, this one hits home for me. Sometimes, when I listen to this song while being emotional, I end up crying

  4. Tony Garcia says

    Sakura is a sweet heart and adorable girl

  5. soekma maulana says


  6. Hải Khương says

    I didn't expect this dark side from Sakura

  7. the Master Barrientos says


  8. Cococrash11 says

    Awesome 22/7 Character Song I Wish Life Was Easier Video.

  9. "Hey guys."

  10. Giulio Sordi says

    JFK once said: don't ask for easier lives, ask to be a stronger man.

  11. Kenyi S says


  12. Muhamad Ramdhani says

    I watched 22/7 because of Sally Amaki.

  13. muhammad safwan says


  14. Setsuna K Yuuki says

    if I remember correctly if you ever read this Sally if that's your real name because Idols entertainment industry tend to lie not saying you are liar just your corporate overlords. My comments for you: "In this dark time of era where pestilence and disease spread across our world you might be our the living saint of the internet to be The Guiding Light that shines upon our misery".

  15. Yume NoUsagi says

    we all do girl,we all do

  16. Alex Perez says

    I watched it because of Sally Amaki!

  17. Setsuna K Yuuki says

    First meme queen

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