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Animator Reacts to Incredible Anime Moments


Please read the description ↓↓↓ YouTube unfortunately flagged up some of the footage for copyright, so there are chunks missing towards the end, sorry.


  1. Howard Wimshurst says

    YouTube unfortunately flagged up some of the footage for copyright, so there are chunks missing towards the end, sorry.
    Already broke down Demon Slayer / Naruto animation – don't ask me to do it again. In-fact, don't ask me to react to any more anime. I hate making these videos and this is the last one I will make 4u.
    Learn the foundations of 2D Animation here in my online course:
    Please support the official versions of these films using legitimate methods.
    Films and sources in order of appearance (some are Amazon Affiliate links):

    – Attack on Titan (Arifumi Imai)

    – My Hero Academia scene (Yutaka Nakamura)

    – Saul Bass :

    – Lu Over the Wall scene (full film

    – Wolf Children scene (full film

  2. Soggy Burguer says

    Id like for you to review Hunter x hunter and JoJos Bizarre adventure

  3. OKOK Conan says

    great vid, i would really like to see you talk about Fog hill of the five element

  4. Thebest Person says

    It's funny how this b*tch is criticizing the work of aot animators and he can't even do 0.00000001 % of the work they did, seriously, what's the actual fuck

  5. Just a Guy Passing By says

    "What must be the body be doing for the legs to shudder like this?"

    Fear and rage sir, Fear and rage

  6. Atrotixzy says

    You should check out naotoshi shida

  7. Papermasterone YT says

    I Bet Howard was so pissed while watching this

  8. ADRISH SAHA says

    Levi gets screen time.

    Animators:(opens a bottle of whiskey) uh huh…..

  9. Alisa Ch. says

    Have you seen Chinese animation called Fog Hill of Five Elements? I would really like to know professionals opinion

  10. James Sy says

    pls react to hyouka

  11. Vicky.Sc. says

    Could you do an animator beaks down Incredible cartoon fights!!! Cause the owl house season one fight was amazing and legit any fight from Rottmnt is mind blowing and I’d love to see you make a video talking about those!!!

  12. Watashiniha yume ga arimasu says

    Mob Psycho 100 for me definitely has the highest quality animation in anything, period. Not for the top tier normal animations but for the variety and switching between multiple animation styles, you can find oil painting animations scattered throughout tense scenes to convey the emotion of it, the opening of the second season is literally all about animation and it's different forms.

  13. Elijah Keith says

    You should watch Kimi no Nawa

  14. JÓTARÒ KÚJÒ says

    Jojo bizarre adventure pla

  15. Faadhilah says

    Dude you should REALLY check out the animations done by BC May. They do donghua such as The King's Avatar and Mo Dao Zu Shi (both with incredible fight scenes and backgrounds)

  16. SomeRandomGuy * says

    1:12 he just watched his friend get eaten so I'd imagine he is shaking all over. Those leg shudders might not be super realistic but it's meant to convey the emotion of the scene. Terror

  17. filmmaker says

    I always wanted to be an animator.. Took to photograph now jouring towards animation… Ur assement of animation is good

  18. When you don't understand shit but is still interested…

  19. DHIWANTARA says

    make part 2 and i recommend you
    mob psycho shimazaki fight
    hitori no shita

  20. Orion says

    smoke trails is bot smoke trails it is an air canister (gas) that pushes the string

  21. Charlie Glover says

    I love that i share my favourite scene in ALL of 2d animation with you! Its just such a fun scene with a lot of energy and aghhh

  22. A guy that looks weird says


  23. __________ says

    I really want to hear your thoughts on violet evergarden and ufotables fate/ stay night ubw and hf.

  24. ZER0X ¿ says

    Me when seeing this: "Alright lets watch this vid"


  25. OKOK Conan says

    can you also react and break down the Technic of 'fog hill of the five elements', it's a sick new Donghua with only 3 episode, but pack with amazing fights, it had a trailer 3 years ago, and the animation just drop 1 month ago, plz

  26. Gaston Fourt says

    I personally, think that when you make an animation. Striving to find what is appealing in an art style when you are using the style in your animation. Is not a very good choice to make the animation look alive itself. I would prefer looking how to make the animation look real. Even trying to tie in some motion and movements into a real life movement. Like how todoroki was posing forward to maintain balance from the rush of force against him. And how even some little details that you yourself don't notice, but make the animation all the more believable. Like how the ligament in todoroki's arm was straining.

  27. Foxto says

    I 2ant ti ask you if yoj speak actaully german

  28. Avinash Maikoo says

    You shoukd do an anime called hand shakers

  29. ToxicStar Productions says

    please react to dream's smp war animatic

  30. Dea Zel says

    Really want to see him review jjba

  31. Rashad Thurston says

    And mastar media just copied it all

  32. Jess K says

    I think another good animes to analyze is Fate Stay Night UBW Gilgamesh vs Shirou, Fate Zero Saber (Arturia) vs Lancer(Diarmuid), fate Grand order (FGO) both Gorgon vs Leonidas or Ushiwakamaru and Fate Apocrypha Karna vs Sieg

  33. Surya Mohan says

    aot and mha are oppsosites in a way aot is meant to be incomprehensible in that sequence 'cause everything is a mess where as mha's movement there is focused on the two ending their conflict more character driven at the moment

  34. Christian Perez says

    It was really interesting, I think you should watch the Kizumonogatari anime movies, for me and other friends that movie has the best animation ever made, worth to try and finish without any regrets

  35. Riin says

    (Disclaimer- I don't watch BNHA, so apologies to any fans in the comments if I make y'all cringe at my terminology, lol)
    In the shot where Todoroki activates his quirk at 11:00, I personally felt that the directional lines, his forward-leaning stance and his slow movements also helped create a feel of very strong resistance, which I really enjoyed while seeing this shot for the first time (and still ove about it currently). It makes him look a lot more powerful and shows that he has an insane amount of control over this ability. The way Nakamura draws the fire streaming behind him makes it look like what you see from afterburners in fighter jets, which gives it way more impact than if he were to just draw shorter, more organic-looking flames, which helps exaggerate the whole scene more and adds to the points I mentioned above. Those two shots basically make Todoroki feel like a human F-16, which I feel like makes him come off as an extremely skilled and formidable fighter (that can also explain why he's straining like you mentioned during the hand shot).
    The contrast between fast effect animation and slow body movements can also emphasise how calm and in-control he is in the moment.
    Sorry if this is kind of a surface-level analysis, I'm still trying to improve at it.

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