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  1. Angelo Jay Artus says

    Dororo one of my favorite anime

  2. Reyco Bra says

    Dororo to hyakimaru 😁

  3. jay r james says

    Next episode pls

  4. Scar gaming Nepal says

    This is incomplete

  5. julian destroyer says

    Did you just take all of dororos episodes and put them together to get views

  6. GaMiNgWiTh AK says

    Great anime🤘 loved it❤️

  7. Genesis Sabino says

    Ive already watched this several times. The title is DORORO

  8. Jenilo Ocoy says

    Update for new episode of this movie?

  9. Angie Quibar says

    What's the name of that anime?

  10. Marcos Angelo Rivera says

    Does anyone know the name of this one? It’s fucking 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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