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  1. Santiago Chava says

    Salaverga que tetocas

  2. BLINK WYD says

    I cringe so hard when japanese people try to speak English , I guess it's that same for them haha

  3. Lee Hobbs says

    Just finished episode 3. Great animation, good story so far, replicated the feel of normal London and a fantasyesque london perfectly too.
    Can't hate it so far, thankyou tite kubo

  4. Taylor Mavens says

    Damn, this animation is clean!

  5. Boy Alegre says

    Soul Society western branch in Europe and Soul Society Japan Branch bout Witch and Shinigami are Created by Kobu.

    Burn the Witch are Beach

  6. Light Yagami says

    Ban da vinci

  7. Marisa Bambe says

    The girl looks like ichigo from bleach

  8. I couldn't think of a name says

    Take a shot everytime you see the word thicc in this comment section.

  9. a e s t h e t i c s says

    The soundtracks gave me Toaru vibes.

  10. Gourav Hembram says

    Ban Sandwich 😂

  11. ShodiyorK says


  12. Abarai Gun says

    Is this been released or not?

  13. cocagus_03 WOTB_replays says

    Bunr the bichhi

  14. Blank Note says

    Bon dawichi

  15. Monya Chakma says

    Omh the art style is dso good i feel like im watching goblin studio anime movie

  16. Ritika Kushwaha says

    Am I the only one who think that the blond girl looks like "MARY SAOTOME" from 'kakegurui' ???

  17. kamikaze says

    What if Ywach was actually behind this timeline? He can alter reality with his own liking and maybe he knew about his defeat and that he had to take extra measures. (Just a theory lmao, not much familiar with Ywach tbh)

  18. Cesar Zepeda says

    So is this coming out Oct, 2nd or what

  19. Bite Me says

    Burn the *itch

  20. Nur Jihan F says

    "bān za wicchi"

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