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Cells at Work! English Dub Promotional Video


Cells at Work!, the highly acclaimed, educational action comedy of 2018, is coming to Blu-ray with a brand new English dub including a English version of the …


  1. Mojo Jojo says

    This song is so good that it makes me cry.


    The perfect english dubbed anime doesn't exist-

  3. DeeDo says

    Hell yeah, this is how you premiere a dub!

  4. Tetsuya Tsurugi says

    Also Robbie you should no you MUST do Ai wo Torimodose . You can do a voice brutal emough forbthis. Not to mention you wrre one of the best englisjh VAs for Kenshiro

  5. Olivia Lozano says

    Pokémon op: I am the greatest English anime opening!

    Cells at Work op: Allow me to introduce myself…

  6. Unlucky Chococookie says

    The lady singing red blood cells lines has also voiced dub for Lucy heartfilia from fairy tail ( I just found out lmao cause I kept on thinking why does her voice sound so familiar?)

  7. Jennifer Reitz says

    You all did such a good job!

  8. DestroyerKitty says

    This is a shockingly fantastic dub opening!

  9. Izzy the animal says

    Real heroes are invisible

  10. Christian Durr says

    Ew english dubs

  11. lil lasagna says

    I can't tell who's cuter, red blood cell or the voice actress for red blood cell

  12. Jackson Isaacs says

    They made a live action Attack on Titan movie, I wonder what a live action version of Cells at Work would be like?😎

  13. im legally lesbian says

    now i feel like i have friends inside of me and i wanna stay healthy for them

  14. Ari3 says

    I don't feel alone anymore after hearing "all of us is here supporting you with all of our hearts". This show made me take care of myself better lol, making red blood cell work easier.

  15. Justin Kwong says

    This is how you make learning fun. Personify everything, then shoot it to the next level.

  16. kuro hasu says

    wow! why is this not 1 million views. i love to see english seiyuus actually singing, love it so much! i feel fluffy!

  17. Nailul-Hafiz Saifudin says

    I can't figure out if i like the original or the dubbed better, help

  18. Chia Jet Yee says

    Wow this is good ! Eng dub great job!

  19. william wallace says

    this is a disgrace to me

  20. Tetsuya Tsurugi says

    Now we need BNA english opening by cherami since she’s voicing Michiru

  21. Dorie Domasian says

    From now on, if I feel like I'm unloved, I'll just think about my cells inside my body. At least they care for me.

  22. phantommangagirl says

    I’m gonna be honest, I like the dub more than the sub for this show. The voice actors are just more fun, especially the guy voicing Neutrophil.

  23. Derp KG says

    Akechi and Killer T cell have the same VA, sounds about right

  24. DainAsDain says

    This make me feel happy and sad because there are working for me but they are also a slave inside our body

  25. Keys2tkingdom says

    Honestly, this is the best localized anime song I’ve seen since “Deep Forest” from Inuyasha

  26. cecilio verte says

    pls pls have all episodes in english make the red line go slow so full episodes

  27. ashton aaron diaz says

    This is truly a weird world english dubs of intros are now good

  28. Spiderman770 says

    And me just sitting here eating a ton of junk food…

  29. gabe_liu says

    i can't wait dub intro for Made in Abyss

  30. Ylone Rivaro says

    So much Persona 5 actors in this it's crazy

  31. Sunstone Ocelot says

    What about the second verse 🙁

  32. Grand Cross Productions says

    Billy Kametz is a precious human being. Change my mind.

  33. SYD says

    Whyyy the other half of the season is in Japaneseee 😭

  34. Aidan Morfin says

    i realized:
    akechi and bucciarati work part time as cells

  35. Theo says

    Imagine being Cherami Leigh (Red Blood Cell) and just having natural "Anime Protagonist" energy.

  36. watwr kae says

    Muah, excellent dub.

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