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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Limited Edition Blu-ray Trailer


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba finally hits home theatre with the Limited Edition Blu-ray releases coming June 30 and November 24, 2020! The Limited …



    English dub is Dumb

  2. Naved Ahmed says

    The dub can't even think to compete with the sub.

  3. Manda Naik says

    What is blu ray plz explain me😭😭

  4. Nathan Perez says

    I'm sorry but hell no lol
    I want this SO bad
    I've gotten the AOT limited edition and was still half the price of this
    guessnill wait for a regular one to come out 😭😭

  5. DiamondDragon says

    Eng dub for kimetsu no yaiba is terrible Japanese is way better

  6. Gaelio 06 says

    How disgusting it sounds in English

  7. Junior says

    They def dropped the ball on the casting in this one

  8. Tyler McCoy says

    why so expensive. The dub sounds terrible

  9. Neha Bhat says

    What does that mean……are there more episodes???

  10. Zahra rhodotuljannah says

    Quickly out of the film, I'm waiting for the continuity because I like this movie❤

  11. c8tina says

    Bought! ❤️

  12. Hadif Aiman says

    Dub is for the weak

  13. Geryle Jude says

    To be real with you it's kinda funny when it's dub

  14. Yay but it will come in American format. All of your stuff comes out in Euro format and I can't watch it

  15. Rahsaan Woods says

    Why do we have to wait til November for part 2, maybe I am just too impatient

  16. Oʅιɱρҽα _ Eԃιƚȥ says

    Me: searches KNY Blue Ray on the official syte
    Also me: I will be ruined

  17. Mrs Mridula Deka says

    Never mind but I prefer subs.Zenitsu's adorable voice(~°3°)~

  18. Breanna Snoddy says


  19. Garett Gagan says

    Dub was great 👍

  20. stewart choo says

    The eng dub is so funny

  21. Kevin Jara says

    I’ll just wait a few weeks to get it free 😉

  22. No entiendo ni mergas

  23. Reem Adel says

    I think ill just watch this video a hundred times until all my broke tears stop and make some money.

  24. Omar Coronado says

    Ara Ara

  25. Briscelyn Cotter says

    I watched demon slayer fast in dub enough for it to end out of dub and go to sub, i I finished the season in sub and now I forgot how dub sounds like

  26. aya ys says

    [sub automatically on]: the bond between mr. Cole and I
    me: omg mr. Cole best girl

  27. Imagine Butterflies says

    english dub is weird at least for this anime

  28. KimAckerman 21 says

    Why are they so expensive?!😭 I remember buying the Attack on Titan first part of season 1 and it almost cost me 40$

  29. • pink cat2 • says

    i waaaaaant this ^ <^)

  30. Api Thavarasa says

    Okay… 4K Ultra HD when?

  31. ninja gamer says

    Dub with English voice 👎👎

  32. Cartoonking1 says

    Oh joy Sub purest in the comments. They always have something brilliant and insightful to add to a conversation.

  33. Cartoonking1 says

    Oh boy, can’t wait to spend $200 dollars on 12 episodes split up. -_- you suck aniplex

  34. Yusei255 says

    ENG dub has no emotion behind the voices.

    Subbed version will always be better.

  35. WHITE SKY says

    Why limited edition😫😫😫

  36. Ⱥʂէҽɾ says

    Whats the blu ray thing?

  37. Chinno says

    Shit is over $130 fuck all that. Definitely getting the standard version tho cuz even tho the anime is just average , seeing that animation in 4k is worth all the nut busting

  38. Infernus says

    Why the voices actors sound so dead inside, even the edgy kid from my class sound more enthusiastic

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