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Demon Slayer – Official Trailer


Demon Slayer is a melancholy tale of humans and demons, bloodcurdling swordfights and comical characters from studio ufotable and based on the popular …


  1. Jankee Rohan Kumar says

    My fav, easily, only 26 episodes of season one and i can't wait for season 2.

  2. Dragon slayer Vs Demon slayer Vs God slayer.


    Anybody waiting for season 2

  4. sen nye says

    One of the best!

  5. Gaming Cherry says

    Whoever Loves Zenitsu Agatsuma Hit The Like Button♥️♥️

  6. Yazuma Shikaruto says

    Stay out your out of AOT's league (joke)

  7. Ovassive Gaming says

    Every demon's a gangsta until Zenitsu begins to sleep

  8. Garcia Pedro says

    Usually the trailer hype up the movies and shows, this one does a disfavor to the show, the anime is so much better than the trailer oh my god

  9. ShaDeOp says

    They were not kidding about Zenitsu.

  10. Natalie Moon Sings says

    Is this in the least bit romantic with a deep meaningful mindfking storyline at all?? or just 24/7 fighting

  11. saltysasque says

    lmao i watched this after watching the anime itself

  12. trqcyyy says

    for some reason i dont think that this is the actual trailer it just looks like clips from demon slayer put in there then put music over it

  13. Styles Gaming Op says

    And there comes the birth of the best anime in the world

  14. WolfyMia says

    isnt this just the series but faster? Kimetsy no yaiba?

  15. Achiever Goal says

    Only music is telling about anime man hats off

  16. tore mipi says

    I need new season

  17. Tuvana Onan says

    I'm so obsessed with the Soundtracks!!

  18. Nishchay Bajaj says

    Hey guys yesterday I just finished demon slayer can anyone tell me is a second season coming if yes then when because Tanjiro has still not defeated kibitsuji? BTW I watched it to Netflix so plz tell when the next season is coming. Thank you for your time

  19. lyweeb says

    anyone here after finishing the anime? just me? okay..

  20. AMEERA says

    need demon slayer next generation tho

  21. Diver Z says

    Can't wait for the movie !!

  22. りぬりぬ says

    Kimetsu: killing the demon
    no: of
    Yaiba: sword

    Kimetsu no Yaita: Sword of killing the demon

  23. LILI LIA says

    Bruh I saw this anime three times even finished the manga why do I still get excited everytime I see this trailer

  24. meiyan gaming says

    I always like watching nezoku cuz she's so CUTE

  25. Abhinaba Sain says

    Everybody gangster…till Zenitsu falls asleep..

  26. J_bk Oce says

    Everybody's talking about it and I'm super late but like where can I watch it? ;-;

  27. BABA YT says


  28. RUDE MAFIA says

    Manga has ended, I am watching the trailer of the anime again….

  29. I The Aimee says

    I come from the future to say that the manga ended

  30. Breloom gang grunt says

    I only watch pokemon, but after seeing this I feel I'll turn into a weeb

  31. Lol Lol says


  32. Spider Dan 21 says

    That "One shot,one kill" hits differently now

  33. FurrySett says

    comes here after reading all the manga and laughs

  34. Sally Wright says

    i love demon slayer im on episode 20 season 1

  35. Soumik :D says

    I'm sorry but imo this trailer is terrible at portraying the true epicness of this show

  36. Joseph Su'a says

    I love that the breathing techniques and actual demon fights are hidden away from this trailer. It’s true that this doesn’t do the show justice, but at the same time, it’s keeping interest to a bare minimum so that if the viewer decides to watch this, they’ll be hopefully blown away.

  37. kageyama tobio says

    i watched the whole anime in a day is that healthy

  38. Dino PlayzRoblox says


  39. power less says

    In this case movie(anime) is better than trailer

  40. AP TUNES says

    Who Love Demon Slayer ( Yes OR No ) ???
    My Ans Is Yes. What About you ???
    1. Of Course Yes
    2. No mate

  41. 3jun sze says

    I loving this anime…i have not been watching anime for sure a long time until my son recomend it to me.

  42. Pamella Bloomfield says

    and just like that the manga is finished.

  43. Paragon Agario says

    when i first heard of demon slayer and nezuko and tanjiro i thought theyd be lovers before realizing their fsamily oh well i still ship them even tho i know their siblings ;-;

  44. Űmar1mam says

    What about season 2 ???

  45. anime chixx says

    When you see "ufotable" on intros, expect great fight animations

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