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Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia Trailer 3


Humanity will fall to ruin. Take a stand against that fate. The second cour of “Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia” begins now with a brand new …


  1. Joshou Gaston says

    Sony Japan is removing every single video about this anime too bad that's how alot of people find out about it and get interested

  2. UltraX DZN says

    And so the gates of babylon opens again

  3. dunno how BD and tv series will different which scene….. 🙂 wait for clip

  4. superbad8008 says

    Came back to this and still get chills when Mash uses her NP

  5. King Beowulf says

    "In the future you will encounter more atrocious prices"

    There fixed your SUB for you

  6. Destiny Dude says

    Ritsuka Fujimaru acting badass like he should be.

  7. SuperSoleREAPER says

    Hello Fate fans this is good animation is this on the level what ufotable had to its effects

  8. Tio Apoluh says

    ost/music name ?

  9. Kaneki Kun says

    I love this anime because the effect sound when battle very amazing like real😍😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  10. Kesuke says

    This trailer kinda makes me cri a bit with the music and events on the screen and all

  11. EZMAYBE21 says

    Soooo… Is the fact that command spells regenerate canon or is it a BS game gimmick? I recall Fujimaru used one in the First Order, so he should be at two…

  12. LUIS Marcos says

    At least they’ll put milet’s ending song Prover, so satisfying

  13. elqsappe 666 says

    Fate grand fanservice Babilonia

  14. Robert Chen says

    It's wonderful to see all the money I've sank into this is being put to good use.

  15. lukas parasian3 says

    Enkidu vs ququ :)) i think its gonna be a great fight

  16. Alchemxst Xavier says

    How can I watch this??????

  17. Dylan HF says

    This anime is worth whaling for

  18. TJ says

    Ritsuka is slowly perfecting the art of talk no jutsu.

  19. Fizzman27 says

    I still can't wait for them to animate the part where Gil hands Enkidu the grail, made me cry in the game how much more in motion

  20. faker weldi says

    Behold its end
    Destruction at the hand of human history itself

    Behold what the malice of history's losers has wrought

    But there's no need for lamentation,No need to play the victim

    if humanity's answer was a volunatary culling of the weak , rather than natural selection…

    Well, that just means it's your turn to do the culling

    Alas,proper order no longer exists

    there are no Heroic Spirits to protect humanity

    You will have not a single ally


    In a battle for survival itself , neither good nor evil is fated to win

    *if you insist on not giving up
    *Just like before
    *Even with everything truned back to nothingness…if you still insist that you wish to exist
    Even after you have piled sin upon sin and burden upon burden

  21. Konstantin Kachanovsky says

    Aniplex is slow as always

  22. Mark N says

    What happened to the Mc? it seems like he has balls now

  23. Max Vitor says

    Ritsuka actually seems to have a personality in this trailer… that's good.

    And no Enkidu there will never be a treasure more worth than you 😭

  24. PlushCrochet says


  25. JohnnyDoey says

    So.. uh, is this ever coming to Hulu?

  26. rickisharicky55 says

    If gorgon uses a fuck ton of CGI.. oh god Tiamat-

  27. Arima Hoshizora says


  28. John Kenneth Galope says

    In the future you will encounter treasures more valuable than me.
    Damn enkidu you really made me cry

  29. Hafiz Solihin says

    Ritsuka : I order you with a Command Spell! Protect her virginity…

    Me : Come again nigga.

  30. Gilga Mashu says

    I want to see archer gilgamesh and his Enuma Elish on the final battle. Also Enkido's Enuma Elish on Tiamat.

    Also Sidori's final ascension lol

  31. Saber Zhang says

    in the first part of the anime, ritsuka LOOKS LIKE(due to Ukyo Kodachi ) an inexperienced master, but now, his determination and sense of responsibility that he will fix the singularity with mash really stands out.

  32. Saber Zhang says

    this is the real Ritsuka! Go fighting!

  33. Noti Shounen says

    So many mixed-emotions on this trailer.

  34. Alvi Syahri says

    Can't wait to see how the final battle get animated 😍

  35. Divalo says

    Hoho late as usual

  36. gnecrognome says

    god. im gonna fucking cry in the enkidu flashback arent i

  37. Sarim says

    "The history you create is beautiful"
    That line from Merlin… since it's in the trailer, I can hope that they'll add the whole conversation. It was one of my favorite scenes in the game.

  38. Leyenda 133 says

    Nanatsu no taizai

  39. ScaR Top says

    Just watching for my waifu first Hassan

  40. arieff purnama says

    0:57 Mashu sounds like Sieg at the essentials of fate series.

  41. xo翔 says

    This is real Ritsuka
    This is real Babylonia
    This is real hero
    Fuck u kodachi

  42. GiveMeEnkidu says

    “In the future, you will encounter treasures more valuable than me.”

    Don’t mind me, i’ll be SOBBING IN THE CORNER

  43. Guillermo G says


  44. Cristián Anguita says

    Please FGO whales! I need Salem animated 🙏🏻

  45. jonalbert tiamson says

    Damn Enkidu making me cut onions while enjoying this video.

  46. Miku Kohinata says

    Yuuji Yamaguchi is watching this somewhere in the heavens right now.

  47. cyechan50 says

    YOu know things are serious when the protag uses a command seal.

  48. CHI LONG Qua says

    Well Gil encounters arturia lol and ERESHHH

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