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Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt – Lostbelt 1 – Now Available


The first chapter of “Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt” has finally arrived! Lostbelt No.1: Permafrost Empire, Anastasia – The Grand Duchess of the Beast …


  1. Tama Hakles says

    Me: want this LB got anime adaptation after Camelot & Solomon, because there is many emotional battle

    Also me: whoaa… Anastasia so cute, i hope she became best seasonal waifu when this LB anime adaptation release

  2. Kanbara Esu says

    Am i the only one who actually like Kadoc and Patxi? People seems to talk shit about them a lot.

  3. Tactical Trooper's Wifey says

    Why is billy not here?!?!?!

  4. Kazuma 和真 says

    tbh… this chapter as anime would definitely look good UwU
    cuz dat fight at the end though dayum….
    But we still have Solomon movie to go so yeah
    Besides I do wonder if the story of this chapter qualifies as good enough for a movie considering… well, actually it might

  5. Tommy Bayer says

    Just finished, well that was fun

  6. Tamotsu says

    Japanese people write a lot of spoilers in the comment section like chat, but let's enjoy FGO without worrying about it.
    I'm really sorry as the same Japanese.

  7. Type: Unknown says

    rip patxi… best boi ever

  8. 7匹のナマケモノ says


  9. PoliWaat! says

    Salerie on the piano at the last bit of the video

  10. Daniel Godlovsky says

    cyka blyat. Which means, up for some shots of vodka, comrade?

  11. 日本在住のウルク市民 says


  12. 菊月 says


  13. インディゴ太郎 says

    fight!by japanese

  14. Dewa Negara says

    Me before olympus :
    Rasputin is such a jerk.
    Me after olympus :
    Damn, rasputin is far more interesting than i thought.

  15. Noizemaze4 says

    can anyone tell me what the thing that's being grabbed at 0:23 is ?

  16. あかたいやま says

    Fuck you

  17. Christopher Simpson says

    This Lostbelt made me cry, i felt emotionally destroyed by it, i love it. Bring my boy back DW, BRING HIM BACK. ;w;

  18. DaVaughn Blue says

    Who is the wolf with the rifle at the beginning?

  19. ZawerDi says

    Truth to be told im very disappointed in MC. Those fuckers destroyed the world and killed billions. And hes not even mad about it, he didnt even cursed Kadoc, Its like MC vent from normal to typical anime protag. And about this Patxi? Bcs of him so many people died and MC like "okay i firgive you". Like FTW man? Werent you talking about wanting to save every one and you not even mad at him? Oh i miss Fuyuki, MC there was such a troll. And furthermore, why just WHY he didnt learn any of magecraft spells? Holy crap i WAS so embarrassed when Aviceborn and Kadoc asked MC about this, fucking self insert.I hope im not the only one whos disappointed in this. Well the first part of this lostbelt was awesome but later….

  20. Kar The Best says

    just finished this
    bruh im crying

  21. Diegod Lie says

    OH WOW, after finishing the Lostbelt, now look at that final scene 0:29 , is the Lostbelt disappearing along with the Yagas and Salieri who is still playing the piano, even during the end of the world. That's so goddamn awesome.

  22. Daiki says


  23. Rich Homie Coon says

    Look here, Kadoc. You and the rest of The Frozen TV Dinner Club, really need to make your peace with this "STOLEN VALOR" SHIT. Please? We didn't ask to be tasked with protecting literally Time and Space, JUST LIKE YOU DIDN'T ASK TO BE LEFT IN THE FREEZER FOR 2 YEARS. Y'ALL CAN'T KEEP PUTTING THE BLAME ON GUDAO.

  24. 天使白華 says


  25. ココア村そんちょー says


  26. Ms Mai says


  27. Maz D-con says

    The fgo developers really get turned from long names for their chapters

  28. Liao Gregor says

    Don't worry guys, me in TW server is already ahead to 2.3😃

  29. トガタへジュ says


  30. ムッツ says


  31. 託しのハサミ says


  32. Grimm Daddy says

    I came for that berserker booty.

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