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Fate/Grand Order -Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot- Trailer


This is the story of a certain knight.” Based on the acclaimed Fate/Grand Order mobile game’s sixth Singularity, a story of the Knights of the Round Table is about …


  1. Arthur Kirkland says

    Is that…. IS THE NARRATOR MERLIN?!!! I think that's Merlin!!!

  2. gnecrognome says


  3. silhouette says

    just finished this singularity, and i can't wait to see Tristan animated.

  4. Sanada Diki says

    All the trauma from those terror will come back. And this time it's the west become the terrorist.

  5. MariNate says

    It’s still stupid to me why they’re animating this AFTER Babylonia. Yes I realise this one second place in the voting, but they could have done this first and then Babylonia. It was a vote on what we wanted adapted not the order.

  6. The OpinionatedView says

    Is the person in this trailer Arthuria? So we're finally getting a male arthur?

  7. Damn You says

    O’ My Good Willed Sacred Master."
    "O’ Lord of Brightness who bestows all of his power, sanctity, and wisdom to me.”
    "See clearly my heart, my thoughts, and my skill."
    "Now, O’ being who created the moon and stars…"
    "Behold my deeds, my death, my spenta armaiti which I must carry out."

  8. thăng long nguyễn vũ says

    Welp, time to see people get slain in probably one of the most cold blooded manners possible.

  9. john mcmasters says

    So this is when she learned who she was bound with eh? can't wait for this to come out to see how it goes down along with who got corrupted by the grail (I hope it ain't arthoria pendragon again once was enough)

  10. Salvador Torres says

    I just finished the Singularity, I'm excited for the movie!

  11. BarBar boi says

    Is this anime? Movie? Or just character reveal? Please answer.. my english is bad

  12. Miss Universe says

    I just realized Arturia is going to be in two movies next year where she's the villian. Times have changed lol.

  13. David Faker says

    Things I want to see:
    – Merlin and Arthur interact
    – Guinevere
    – Lancelot love triangle
    – Gawain
    – Male Mordred – Arthur’s nephew

  14. Rachmat Wahid Zulfiqar says

    How many fate anime you want?
    Nasu : YES

  15. VANGUARD says

    Watching Gramps getting animated puts a smile everyone faces.

  16. SilverKip says

    i need this soundtrack

  17. Helios Nebula says


  18. Alam Tya says

    BEDIVERE !!!

  19. teuHoLiC says


  20. Whammy Cheng says

    Dumb question, in the Fate routes we are used to, where Saber meets Shirou and so forth, what would have happen if Excalibur wasn't returned to the lady of the lake anyway? Let's take for example the Fate Unlimited Blade Works route good ending for example, if Saber didn't "time travel" back into the past, would there be any harm if Excalibur wasn't returned?

  21. Tio Aditya says

    Bedevere 😢

  22. Th3 Ra says

    Remember Arash use Stella Daily for our farmings

  23. Nick Magee says

    I cannot wait to see Ozy summon a pyramid FROM THE SKY

  24. hatelion says

    How come nobody is Excited to see the 5 finger buddha palm destroying Camelot??

  25. Rodiacreed says

    So Camelot will be a movie. Sweet!
    Can't wait to see adult Artoria.

  26. epic gamer moment says

    This singularity is by far my most favorite one. I don't really know how to put it but? The music, the tension, everything about it really really strikes a chord in me… I can't wait to see it animated!

  27. Mashu Potatoes says

    Now it is time for father son bonding


  28. Christopher Ryan Cabrera says

    Can't wait to hear Ozy yell the words "Muda Muda Muda!" Whoops! Wrong anime character but same seiyu. 😂

  29. God of Darkness says

    I thought it would only premiere in Babylonia but I didn't expect there was Camelot 😂

  30. God of Darkness says


  31. chenchan amakusa says

    when you got to lostbelt, you will misses this bgm so much that it hurts 😭

  32. berry. x says

    I want to see Ozy's head animated

  33. Rzhe Cheah says

    Looking foward to meet sherlock holmes in the ruins later lol

  34. Gudan-Gudan says

    Ahh the only singularity that made me use my actual head to survive now gets animated

  35. James Tran says

    I still have the nightmares

  36. King Gudako says

    Easy route: Shirou shows up and feeds Atoria

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