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Fate/Grand Order Final Singularity – Grand Temple of Time: Solomon


The next Order. Our destination is Solomon. The Final Singularity, the Grand Temple of Time: Solomon! Fate/Grand Order Final Singularity – Grand Temple of …


  1. thekevinwright says

    the 5th Singularity is North America?! FIRE 🔥🔥 The battles in Okeanos got so difficult I had to start enhancing Emiya, Gawain, Ivan, Nightingale and now even Carmella is one of my mains. Don't even get me started about my man Sherlock and Scathach thoooooo

  2. hanif anshori says

    and they will meet "magi" soon …

  3. Basically Fate/Avengers Endgame

  4. Rozu Rin says

    Fgo I love you I really do but I cried for like a month after READING Solomon i don’t wanna know what will happen if I wave to see and hear that one part animated

  5. Mark BC says

    This one should last at least 24 episodes

  6. jonalbert tiamson says

    Great! Now animate the lostbelt so I can cry more now!

  7. Perucia Juliet says

    If solomon got animated. Shit will be the real Unlimited Budget works. Imagine how many Seiyuus are there

  8. Cường Ngô Minh says

    Barbatos: oh shit

  9. E Rank Luck says

    Too everyone that wants to really understand how the story goes on just go play the game. Otherwise you will be confused af. And the in game story is fricking awsome.

  10. kk kkk says

    I don't see how solomon is going to work as a TV series. It's probably going to be a feature length film

  11. Jeannette says

    Doctor Roman😞😟😢
    I miss you😭😭

  12. ᴀɴᴏɴ ᴄʜxɴ says

    I'm Not READY

  13. Ponu says

    Animate My boy Edmond and I’ll NP5 him. You have my word

  14. D4 C says

    Ah yes the reason why I started to hate the game. Still gonna watch it.

  15. Mohd irfaan says

    Wait a minute final singularity Solomon?where other singularity Orleans,and others didn't show in anime?

  16. Rodrigo Gutiérrez says

    If you look at the left screen at top in 0:17 you can see a donut

  17. Marco Tommasi says

    Can't wait to see my dear jekyll and jean

  18. Extravagant Sauce says


  19. Ronald T.K.J. says

    I will cry of happiness then excitement. Then EXTREME SAD when we DELETE SAID FAKA.

  20. A Girl Without Mustache says

    Solomon is here!

  21. A1im says

    Solomon is the definition of cheat code

  22. kanna -p says

    RIP best boy

  23. hisoka akareman says

    Fujimaru scapegoated

  24. 😭😭😭😭😭

  25. Captain Valourous says

    Tanjiro: I have slained Demons in my country to avenge my family.

    Fujimaru: Hold my Grail mongrel

  26. Ne Kuro says

    uwaaah!!!! Finally!!! but why it goes from 7 then 6 then final… it's weird

  27. Zoran Alza says

    Dr Roman died in there facing the enemy and reveal his true identity as a Solomon.If anyone of you played fgo so you'll know it.

  28. kuching says

    Imagine the God pillars in CG

  29. Arthur Kirkland says

    …I finished this in a day… Because I desperately needed that summoning ticket… 😂😂😂 Bloody hell COVID, stop delay in the anime series and movies!!! 😅😅 I really wanted to watch all the fate series and movies coming out, dang it!

  30. Gilga Mashu says

    I'd like to see Jalter animated…. Even if for just a bit…

    But I'm really looking forward to Mashu with Shikisai…

  31. GLy Doughnut says

    Happy to see this being animated but I wish y’all animated the rest of the singularities before heading to the endgamr

  32. Mobile Laid says

    You know what's about to happened
    That one scene:(I don't want to spoiled it)

  33. The Watcher says

    They better do this one justice
    Because this singularity is

  34. Jesús Barreto says

    Avengers asamble?

  35. ShiningQuasar13 says

    4368 hours is roughly 6 months

  36. jofer .F says



  37. The Man says

    Where i can watch fate grand order anime from 1st singularity untill end ??anyone ?? 😢

  38. IceBlazer GT says

    I wish they also animated the other singularity after fuyuki and why did they use gudao instead of gudako?
    Also can't wait to see goetia get cut in half by half naked boat jumper

  39. 카즈 says

    sup man?

  40. Jay 16 says

    FATE/AVENGERS this is the only time i hope we’ll get as much fanservice fights and character interactions as you can put into a series

  41. kuching says

    Chaldea :*come
    "Solomon" : my 71 fellow demon god pillar go BBRRRRRR
    Gudao : ok boomer, my 150 servants + 1 grand servant goes BBBBBBBBBB

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