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Fate/Grand Order – Sixth Singularity: Camelot PV


The highly anticipated “Sixth Singularity: Divine Realm of the Round Table – Camelot” is on the horizon! The next chapter in the epic story of Fate/Grand Order …


  1. TheDian100 says

    Guess what, is going to have a movie now boiiiisss

  2. iiMysticalCamii says

    Ozy looks cute

  3. -Koshi Sanaku- says

    Finale get to see Euryale vs Gorilla knight.

  4. sriniketh kankati says

    What is the music

  5. Uzanagi - says

    Song name??

  6. ZA WARUDO says

    ZA PYRAMID DA vs Rhongomyniad

  7. Vanesa Tamayo says

    In this anime.
    The king arthur is a man? Or he/she was intrepeting how women?

  8. Alvin Wong says

    Yes yes i know what you want so here it is 0:07

  9. Reis zeille says

    And I thought the thumbnail was a badass Subaru until I read the title.

  10. Leandro Galo says

    In this Saga, Do anyone know if appear Saber Arturia Pendragon?

  11. Santuy :P says

    I hope in the movie the animation is same

  12. GamerJosh2611 says

    Grab your archers everyone

  13. Koro Sensei says

    Anyone knows the ost?

  14. KRCH2R says

    "More like Tomato… to Nuclear Warhead"
    The Camelot Singularity in a nutshell..

  15. TrapSKYleZ; says

    Someone please tell me how to see all the orders. I saw the first order and im confused!

  16. Kokonose Haruka says

    Dajaku dajaku time babey

  17. Diego Ricardo says

    I was supposed to have Euryale to pass this Singularity?

  18. Esper says


  19. korano kertaso says


  20. Muhammad Hilal says

    Is that LArturia or normal arturia?

  21. Absolute Burning-Soul says

    Looking back at this. I would cry if the animation to this video is anything similar to the movies

  22. Ligar Furqonudin says

    waiting for anime 2020 😂😂😂

  23. Dreamimgflower D says

    Da Vinci and the Ritsuka Mobile!

  24. Brynhildr's Beloved says

    >Mash and Bedi fighting and holding their own against Lancelot, Gawain, and Tristan

    …..L-O-L good one xD

  25. Starlight says

    I wonder if each fate Grand order singularity it's going to be like a OVA movie

  26. Luis Molina says

    cant believe this is getting a two part movie

  27. Candondor victor says

    i cant believe this was 6 months ago feels like its only been 2 or 3

  28. juan anaya says

    Anyone know the song in this trailer

  29. Kokatsuki Michibiki says

    What it's name song?

  30. HeeHee says

    GraMPS!!!! also i hope they do female protag instead of male 🙁

  31. Camelot = Kuro (Chloe) Vs KOTR

  32. Coolest Singularity EVER

  33. DeSpAcItO sPiDeR says

    Ozymandias is bae❤️❤️❤️

  34. Laksamana Sulthan Alam .S says

    Wow, production I.G such beautiful !

  35. ǝɥʇǝɾɹʇ says

    DOKODA!! Is this movie

  36. Syonn Ventura says

    I just finished the Camelot Singularity… Now this is amazing…

  37. Rafael Símaro says

    Why are all there trailers so short lul

  38. David Sarmiento says


  39. Animesh Upadhyay says

    Wait!! is that ozzzy at 0:06.. Btw haven't reachex 6th singularity yet

  40. Gat the Man says

    Camelot is a silly place.

  41. Shawn Lim says

    lol it sounds creepy af when played with 0.25x

  42. JSS951121 says

    Gramps coming for your heads

  43. Mak Attack2o2 says

    O-o-oh! Tristan opened his eyes. Noice

  44. Samuel Yanuar says

    seventh pleasee

  45. Antaqua R says

    Is this getting a movie?

  46. violeta jimenez says

    Anyone knows the song title?

  47. Moemasu Konpaku says


  48. Antonio Expósito Cruz says

    For a moment i thought this was the fgo anime, i was going to scream so hard, unlucky 😅

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