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JIANG ZIYA Official Trailer (2020) Animation Manga


JIANG ZIYA Official Trailer Movie in theatre Feb 7. © 2020 – Well Go USA.


  1. Hfiz Wtri says

    Where can I watch this?? Pleasee tell mee

  2. Pi Prime says

    As China gets better and better at animation and more stories of their culture is shared to the world, all these weaboos are gonna realize most of the Japanese culture/history they obsess originated from China.

  3. Ian Enrique says

    I saw Kyubi

  4. Ivy Mei says

    Watched it in the cinema and it is one of the best animated movies I have seen. I love it as much as Ne Zha.

  5. EmaSB GG says

    Hi Yone

  6. Ken Lantern says


  7. Ganbat Bavuudorj says

    i want it

  8. chagiRenee says


  9. menelick bowizzy says

    Just watched it… Worth every penny 🌴🍹
    SPOILER ALERT!!! :it has 2 post credit scenes… Stick to the end 🍸

  10. Frosted Felony says

    When I think of this I think of Yobi the FIVEtailed fox

  11. licious jo says

    So nobody actually knows that nine tailed fox demon in Japanese myths was imported from Daji (the original Chinese version of the same demon). Well, if you are thinking as if this movie’s stealing Naruto, you wrong

  12. Lino says

    That was an awful trailer… not the movie because I haven’t seen it yet. But trailer wise, the editing is so flashy and cuts so quickly that you can’t focus your attention on anything. The voice over had nothing to do with the images as well. Hopefully the movie will have better editing.

  13. Nurfairuz Faiezil says

    ya,that wast funny

  14. Matt Diamond says

    So China stole Japanese animation too. What a surprise…

  15. Chengfu Saechao says

    the most attractive asian
    animated character….he
    looks exactly like

  16. 蔚蓝的星球 says


  17. ZaKiera Phoenix says

    where to download this movie?.. thanks..

  18. eden says


  19. 葡萄干Raisinet says

    JIANG ZIYA (姜子牙)was a Chinese historical and mythical figure from Shang (商dynasty。。。。stop talking about Hanzo okay?。。。。even I love Hanzo as a game character

  20. Bnime Yusuf says

    Has this movie come out yet?!

  21. Soul Loss says

    Since I watched MDZS/The Untamed, YouTube won't stop suggesting these things

  22. Galick Gun says

    NineTailed fox wtf

  23. Beary eclipse says

    What is that cute little white thing

  24. any says

    For kun lun! I read world of cultivation, and kinda know what it is. lol

  25. Y O J I M B O says

    Come out my fellow fox demons

  26. My face is THICC says

    No one:

    The movie: nine tailed demon

    Me:oi where Naruto at?

  27. Demian Buckle says

    Is there a release date for this yet?

  28. Hsihtas Rian says

    don't support china
    even if you can watch the movie on any website for free.

  29. Saepudin Saepudin says


  30. VIRALES RAROS says

    Is soul Hunter with other name Houshin Engi

  31. Sam TALES says

    I thought it was Keanu reeves so click but that's not the case

  32. Timerooy says

    Imo Possibly would have been more epic and appreciated if his true story as a noble helping overthrow zhou. Wartime fantasy world, then throw in some inner conflicts, rather than messing with the fox.
    And please bombard me with stories about the four beauties Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun, Diaochan, and Yang Guifei lol

  33. Mitch21 Pro says

    Dont lie Who came here from tik tok And saw the first movie of this Ngl IM SO HYPED FOR THIS ONE TO COME OUT

  34. Tom Nguyen says

    the main character looks like he's good at geometry. "simple geometry"

  35. Nairda says

    Wspaniala animacja

  36. love Anime CAROL says

    Just got confirmed that this movie will be finally in the cinema on Oct 1st 2020. Yeah~!

  37. Thesla6 says


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