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New Animation Movies 2020 Full Movies English Kids movies Comedy Movies Cartoon Disney


New Animation Movies 2020 Full Movies English Kids movies Comedy Movies Cartoon Disney.


  1. bill l says

    soviet national anthem

  2. Smarika Gauchan says

    i quit facebook so i am here on Youtube.

  3. Millete Olaco says

    Thanks so much for this animations,, nice nice! I enjoy a lot 😍💗😍
    Lesson: When you LOVE someone you can do everything, impossible things makes possible. 💗

  4. markleo Bernacer says

    watching from phils,

  5. Yuan WeiwEi says

    Why I'm watching this?

    I really have nothing to do so 😑

  6. Norfha Oma says

    i still whan fix it

  7. Norfha Oma says

    my battary is low i will fix you now what i am saying

  8. Norfha Oma says

    yay i like this movie

  9. Norfha Oma says

    yes i want a friend

  10. Norfha Oma says

    the man he herd hes key it wat the dog or the inset

  11. Norfha Oma says

    its so cute oh i forgot to tell you my name is norpha ok see you when we meet i am in the clas ro9m but i am gard one

  12. Norfha Oma says

    is that a inset

  13. Proloy Roxta says

    where is animation ?

  14. suvarna deore says

    so beautiful movie…creativity is awesome..

  15. bala bala says


  16. bala bala says

    Ketuk semut sampai ada masa depan world planet kita….

  17. Bilawal Malik says

    Very nice story dear Great

  18. Raheel Irfan says

    Incredible movie..

  19. Raheel Irfan says

    Incredible movie..

  20. Raheel Irfan says

    Incredible movie..

  21. jeff rendell says

    tik tok memes

  22. Rapunzel Rapunculus says


  23. shakunthala Shashi says

    Very nice movie😊😊😊

  24. Mamacita fearsnone says

    This movie was the cutest IV watched😍

  25. jennifer McDonald says

    Absolutely love this movie! It is incredibly creative, not to mention unbelievably funny! Hard to believe they can show so much feeling and make it so clear with no dialogue! I am extremely impressed! Thank you very much for the upload!

  26. Kagolo Bonny says

    Best yoooo

  27. Michelle Jumawan says

    Love the movie

  28. Dododz Cordova says

    Enjoy watching while staying at home.

  29. Israt Jahan says

    15:55 🤣🤣

  30. Lama Alshammari says

    I don't know how I ended up her

  31. ZILLA ADOTE says

    wow amazing …. the movie above is so cool guys
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    atoa lenei '' upega tafaʻilagi ma sili ona manaia e matamata ai
    faasoa atu pe a e lagona le fiafia e matamata se ata tifaga
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  32. Kelvin Chan says

    Part 3 plz lol

    Edit:red ant: oh fk

  33. all u know WHatsappStatus says

    Without copy right??
    How u upload it

  34. Rachel Dela Cruz says

    Reading comments while watching if it's really the movie I'm looking for. 😊

  35. toondacreative studio says

    wow..New Game coming up

  36. Ashontea. Turney says


  37. bubbly creation says

    It's true that in this movie really tells that the:-

    "action speaks louder than words"😂

  38. bernalou damondamon says

    Action speaks louder than words!! I'm entertained by this the life of a bug! Humans can certainly learn some great values from lower animals…

  39. johanna dagondong says

    This is part 2,i love the part one..the battle between the red and black antz.😍

  40. Cartoon World says

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  41. _J!hye_ says

    What's this movie called?

  42. Yeah Caitleen wow says

    Thk you for the movie

  43. Kanina Bu says

    It's all talk about Family, Friends & Lover
    So nice

  44. Stella Samuel says

    Well who else came to watch something that would take their mind off the boredom cause of this PANDEMIC 🤮🙋‍♀️

  45. Muhammed Badar says

    I 💕 it and funny to 😅

  46. BORO GAMING YT says

    Checking comments…….woww nice movie and I shared it to my gf xd.

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