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PERSONA5 the Animation Trailer 1


The newest installment in the smash hit JRPG series, Persona 5, gets its highly anticipated anime adaptation in 2018! About PERSONA5 the Animation : Ren …


  1. lightning Pig says

    whos hear after the english dub

  2. Joey Quintero says

    Who is watching this because of the English dub trailer

  3. Matthew Esguerra says

    holy shit all the top comments didnt age well at all lmao

  4. Tamas Werner says

    Do i have to play any of the games to understand the anime? Or can i just watch it?

  5. Erica McQueen says

    Oh my God, these comments didn't age well lol

  6. Aijaz Hussain says

    Hello can I get your email. I've a very important question to ask?
    Please it's very urgent

  7. Cococrash11 says

    Awesome Persona 5: The Animation Trailer.

  8. EXOAishi Phantomhive says

    Ah i remembered very well about how excited i was for a piece of crap. The anime is just sucks

  9. BRistian says

    Persona 5 G Animation

  10. molijah gordon says

    I wish it was dub

  11. This trailer is better than the entirety of the anime.

  12. Chibi Jarryal says

    so they're never gonna drop the instrumental to break in to break out, huh lmao

  13. Milton tre Figueroa says


  14. Milton tre Figueroa says

    Make a dub version of Persona 5

  15. Tyler Woods says

    i forgot how i hyped i was when i first saw this and then ended up stopping watching it around makotos palace

  16. Jackbuilder Smasher says

    We were so naive

  17. Дмитрий Жуков says

    What's the name of the song, please?

  18. Axdyn417 says

    Never got a dub, not going to watch. lp

  19. ThePersonaWeeb says

    Akira Kurusu was a cooler name 🙁

  20. shadowhunter 198 says

    And then they fucked up.

  21. King Crazy says

    I really loved the music should've been in the original game

  22. A_ MC156 says

    This had a lot of potential…
    But they fucked it up….

  23. Shaheer Chowdhury says

    Almost a year already after this trailer. Please, please get an English dub! I so want to buy the complete series! Just get some kind of rights to do it, even the English cast would like to do it! I know Persona 4 got their English dub but different anime studio of course!

  24. ColorX says

    song name?

  25. Sarah Davis says

    Please do a English dub

  26. M Rajata says

    They've sold 200 million copies of what?

  27. F3INT says

    Waste of potential

  28. Supreme KING says

    Is it good? I really need something good and interesting to watch?

  29. Tong Liu says

    Dub, please! We all want to watch anime instead of to read them.

  30. Ahmad GreyHat says

    Do I need to watch previous seasons to understand this one ?

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