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Sword Art Online II Teaser


Sword Art Online II, 2014 Activated Sword Art Online Official US page:


  1. Astra CastoriaSZN says

    Thank you youtube for recommending me this after 6 years when I rewatched this anime twice

  2. hendri saputro says

    shinonon.. good ol times.

  3. lolthe0 says

    good old times….

  4. Aidilmuhaimin OP says

    Bad English

  5. Yuno • says

    Light Novel of the Decade😯

  6. Belle Aurelio says


  7. AurA says

    Now to wait for one of these for SAO 3….

  8. Too Many Lives says

    this came out exactly 2 years ago lol

  9. S Baseman says

    Sinon was good until kirito came, same with Yuki arc

  10. G-A says

    too bad it was trash

  11. TekTheNinja says

    Immediate ass shot. WTF.

  12. Kieran Weller says


  13. Don jokeru says

    Odio quest'anime U,U

  14. Lucius Irving says

    SAO is for superficial and retarded anime fans who've never seen as much real, original shit as me.

  15. NetO Shuffle says

    0:14, that ass ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  16. DiamondShard4 says


  17. Invective says

    Lmao an anime for call of duty fans

  18. burrito64burrito64 says

    I expected more from Sword Art Online. It was kind of disappointment.

  19. Ray Syme says

    Is this out yet?! The last while I've heard rumours of it coming out on July 5th.. I can't find it anywhere though 🙁

  20. Ryan Menke says

    Hope asuna stays in it

  21. StanicEnemy says

    wtf did i just watch _"

  22. Mason - says

    SAO is well in need of a OVA of Asuna and Kirito just being together in the outside world. I was hoping extra edition would've done it but instead they chose fanservice. 

  23. Lawayne Menta says

    I've been waiting, this is going to be awesome!!!

  24. Jazneo Gaming says

    why guns

  25. Nur Irfan says

    I hope kirito and asuna still togethers.

  26. Nur Irfan says

    I hope kirito and asuna still togethers.

  27. Natasha Weigel says

    Gun Art online **

  28. Eric Porco says

    The characters in Sao are like something around like 16 and are accepting this little girl yui into their lives as a kid.
    Yui really didn't contribute to the story at all.

  29. Eric Porco says

    So it seems Sao is reaching out to the fps games now cool

  30. Awesome Aaron says

    Does everyone that guns is a bad idea for this! They should have stickedto the actual story which was them trapped in sao! But NO they had to have a different game called ALFheim ( I think that's the name of it) the first 14 episodes were AWESOME! But then after they beat sao it got lame. It was still good just not as good. NOW there adding guns! I might as well watch it since I have nothing better to do and I might be good. AND one last thing. STOP ADDING MORE people. All we need is kirito and asuna and were good.

  31. TheAmazingOtakuRii says


  32. Nathan says

    Hope we are getting a dub for this 🙂

  33. Eureka says

    Wow no recoil on that gun. I want that gun then.

  34. Zakerath says

    but why would there be guns?? I don't believe this is real.

  35. Isaac Hong Lo says


  36. Nicole Ketchup says

    When i first saw that i was like : EEEEEEH YEAAAAAH SAO NUMBER2 SAO NUMBER 2 EEEH SO EXCITED LIKE OMG!!!
    and then :WHY? 
    and the question is : in this gun gale online what will be the main plot? will it be another game that the players cant log out or sth? will we have a new love story maybe idk

  37. ReMorze says

    July 2014 yay

  38. Felipe Kleiz says

    GGO (gun gale online) is a game that I wish I would play… Even more than SAO. The simulation in this game is so good that it is said in the light novels that it was being used to train units in the USA for combat.

  39. trimox19 says

    Pitié, pas de fan service pour la saison deux ! :croise les doigts:

  40. Rebel on a pebal says

    i got a inside look at it and the story sounds amazing i'm so exited   

  41. Macaroni Ravioli says

    I wonder who else got as excited over this and overwhelming with joy

  42. Rivaille Venus says

    I hope they don't fuck it up. SAO was awesome but ALO was a fucking trash

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