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The BEST Anime of Spring 2020 – Ones To Watch


Spring is here once more, and while we already have a solid excuse to stay inside this year, we still need stuff to do in there. Good thing we have anime!


  1. selenium says

    Those are the best anime? Most of them look like some average fanservice for teen boys (or fujos in case of Millionare Detective. Really, I see characters with same personality and almost same design in every BL otome lol)

  2. Omega 132 says

    "i've got a feeling this series is going to reduce me to tears at least once before it wraps, and i am very much looking forward to it" at that moment mother's basement was treated as a masochist for the rest of his life

  3. TheAngryDanishViking says

    Where the heck is season 2 of Fruits Basket?!

  4. Mr Foxy says

    The beginning of this video gave me PTSD of 2003 with the exorcist scare

  5. Chris Daley says

    Tower of God turned out really great. I’m eager for season 2

  6. I’d like a hot pocket says

    when toei trys

  7. Rohit Sharma says

    *sigh* Another spring without you has come…

  8. Jerry Whidby says

    This guy some sort of eat the rich socialist idiot?

  9. Bruh Moment says


  10. UNKNOWN KING says

    me: happy i get to sit home and watch anime
    corana: let ruin that to

  11. Kallum Andrews says

    Kind of really butcherd the plot of TOG

  12. Mitchell Love says

    Forgot about Megaman: Battle Network… great game! 🙂

  13. waftingwafting says

    Is "moe" kind of the "kawaii" of the anime world?

  14. Tapg18 says

    I was waiting for the scare on the intro

  15. Maureen Kalio says

    Tower of God remids me of My second life as a ranker which is an awesome webtoon

  16. General Mortars says

    "I can't quite put my finger on it, but I'd like to."

  17. Alvin Joseph says

    WTF the intro came from a jumpscate zombie

  18. December 09 says

    the villianess flag one wasn't that good of a watch. the manga was better

  19. bronze lord1447 says

    It's so sad on how much they changed glepnir from the manga

  20. Rytis Daunoravicius says

    tower of god is planned 8 years to the future? damn this will be great shit i can feel

  21. Didn't listeners fail at the end?

  22. Matthew Martin says

    I just finished watching Listeners on Hulu. The ending was predictable and the plot was shallow. The music references were cool, but that was all it had.

  23. Clem Gabz says

    hahahahahahaha….your hands will feel pleasure..

  24. Hydra Official says

    All I want is darling in the franxx 🙁

  25. Ethodica says

    I’d honestly put princess:connect at first place.
    The visuals and story are just perfect.

  26. Doomsday Machine says

    Great video! Just curious: Are you going to analyze Polaris and Hero Too?
    As much as I like Odd Future, I think both of these OPs are better. Polaris is not only an outstanding song, but a great show of the heavier elements of the season, which matches the song's lyrics about sacrifice and heroism quite well. As for Hero Too, I think it's a representation of the lighter side of season 4 and the students' bonds with one another.
    I hope the analyses of both come soon! Keep up the great work!

  27. Local Elder God says

    Wow I literally just finished reading Erased like an hour before watching this video and I definitely understood that reference

  28. Dr-Elite says

    Lost me at digimon

  29. Etheoma says

    Glepnir ended up being pretty s*** in my opinion, I dunno the final episode just rubbed me completely the wrong way for some reason, and honestly I am generally highly forgiving to the point that I was utter crap like "The 8th son? Are you kidding me?" "Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody" and still end up liking them even though I know they are crap.

  30. Etheoma says

    The first 3 epsiodes are a poor mans "Digimon: The Movie" for english viewers and Summer Wars a better telling of that story, like being the third best telling of the same basic story make it kinda bad, but I am hoping the rest is going to be a nice improvement over the orignal series, as when I say it's bad I am only saying that in comparison to the original movie and Summer Wars.

  31. carbonelldx says

    Thanks for so many references to the things I loved in my childhoold, man!

  32. Brekner Catalin says

    Tell me about it, i tried re-watching Digimon and my god, i couldn't. Most of the things have become cliche since, there's just not enough interesting stuff in it anymore 🙁
    Also, Sing Yesterday To Me was kind of like Welcome to the N.H.K., as in by the end, the protagonist didn't really evolve …

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