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Top 10 Anime of Spring 2020


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  1. Ashley - WatchMojo says

    Quick list of shows that are supposedly fully animated and will continue airing:
    Ascendance of a Bookworm
    Dropkick on My Devil!!
    My Next Life as a Vilainess
    Sing "Yesterday" For Me
    Tower of God

    Kaguya-Sama is "close to completed" so fingers crossed.

  2. Tenryuunaito says

    The top 2 are, quite frankly, very disappointing. This is a bad year for anime.

  3. Eunice Tudio says


  4. AshDieClash says

    Hey WatchMojo, it's Ash here, I just wanna ask, is it ok for me to use anime clips in my videos just you guys do. or it will be copyrighted because of the visuals(without audio) .

  5. DarkPope666 says


  6. Ziting Wang says

    3:13 Eh, don't google that
    Me: immediately googles
    Oh shit what have I done

  7. Marsha Lee says

    Me: doesn’t see one piece Dislike

  8. Lol Lol says

    Digimon 1 ? 🤦‍♂️ tower of god 1 , Kaguya-sama love is war 2

  9. bon dia amigo says

    ew furry anime.

  10. Toki says

    You guys will love Rachel in ep 12 trust me (NO SARCASM INCLUDED AT ALL)

  11. ItsOliMc says

    Man 2020's anime is so perverted

  12. REAPER says

    i feel like you skimmed past gleipnir its such a good anime

  13. sharkycraft playz says

    Rachel doesn’t even deserve plastic glow in the dark stars u know what I mean if you’ve read the WEBTOON

  14. Meyyid Efendi says

    There are two anime which are more or less okay the rest is garbage. Man where are anime like sao, accel world, tate no yuusha, campione etc.

  15. Zoa HB says

    Ok no.1 surprised me. Really did takes me back to the Digimon peaks.

  16. Thomas says

    "Love is War" is really good

  17. Eugeo says

    Wait ! what is the number again

  18. commedian says

    My Next Life as a Villainess I thought that the mc is Monika

  19. Darien says

    Google says Season 2 of Boruto is gonna be released in July

  20. Communist Potato says

    Just finished jojo so waiting for next part

  21. Herbie Gaming says

    When Ashley said don't google "The Island of Giant Insects" who else went onto an incognito tab and typed it up?

  22. irani sarkar says

    You guys forgot to mention Plunderer

  23. Digidestineds Taichi Yagami says

    Digimon the beeeeesssstttt

  24. Mal Halos says

    digimon is #1… wtf

  25. Kumari Snehlata says

    Why there is no Naruto

  26. Ajay Lama says

    Ain't 2020 boring so far😪

  27. steph peters says

    Love ToG on webtoon and the anime is 👌🏼👌🏼 as well

  28. Esther Leonardo says

    I totally agree with Tower of God and Food Wars (The Fifth Plate), but I would have loved to see the reboot of Fruits Basket (Season 2) on this list. The animation is far superior to the 2001 show, it is so heartwarming but also so tragic as you watch the members of the Somahs struggle with finding independence from their curse and their family structure. Tohru also grows as a character, slowly, but she serves such a higher purpose in helping the other characters develop.

  29. OCD Reset says

    am i the only one waiting for oregairu season 3
    edit: I know its not on this list but im just saying

  30. Jason Millsom says

    Digimon is the best isekai

  31. Maly Mute says

    So nothing but garbage

  32. J W says

    Dorohedoro is so damn good (imo) especially the art.

  33. Toga Himiko says

    did not expect digimon to be 1st place im so proud

  34. Valentina Quezada says

    bungo to alchemist and Kitsutsuki Tantei-dokoro are so underrated!

  35. Benny L. says

    Well, its shit if u know nearly every anime that could be interesting for urself 🙁

  36. Candelaria Estrada says

    I am watching TO LOVE Ru darkness season 2, Darling in the FRANXX, k k, and hunter x hunter i am curently watching

  37. Vee says

    kakushigoto is amazing
    its like watching ghibli but as an anime show

  38. Shie_chan Vlog says

    Try to watch Arte and Ascendance of a bookworm it is a good anime its still ongoing

  39. Glenn Chrysler Arandia says

    Digimon Adventure is Top 1…. wait wait thats not quite right there a mistake here…

  40. Matthew LaSalvia says

    Despite the quarantine, this was a pretty solid season.

  41. CyberminD says


  42. Axel Pettersson says

    Fruits basket should be on the list

  43. Philip Zhu says

    Gleipner is underated

  44. Tizio Nabbo says

    Ok Digimon is shit if you wanna argue this go to pokemon fan base


  45. Natsu Dragneel says

    ToG is by far the best of 2020

  46. Bob Blahbinski says

    Sorry to be a lazy twat, but has anyone listed these shows? My lazy ass appreciates a good 'copy & paste'.

  47. NTAkira says

    Why is Digimon here?…

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