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Top 10 Best New Winter 2020 Anime


While we anxiously wait for the fate of the supposedly stacked Spring season, how about taking time to finish up some loose ends this Winter with these shows?


  1. DyDyi says

    thumbnaid ?

  2. Okaasan Talks says

    I really liked Dorohedoro!!… but felt it was a bit fast paced and they could have done better with the character development 🤔

  3. N Y says

    The grandson of the wizard legend is good to

  4. Emiyolosky says

    What’s the anime they use as the wallpaper of the video?

  5. bubble berry says

    Toilet bound for me is too underrated I light cry watching the Nike and cry reading the manga

  6. Mati Wałuto says

    999 996 views, 666k subscribers

  7. Kunnero says

    Great Content. you Will make a difference!! See ya bud xo

  8. 素敵なHimarii says

    I just finished "Jibaku Shounen" and it was just perfect 😳

  9. yusuf aqel says

    put the title of the anime tolol

  10. Kazuto Kirigaya says

    Basically you told us to watch hentai

  11. Ian Bagani Yuzai says

    Man yur recommendations is the best! I watched it all from top 10 to top 1. i didn't get bored of all of it.

  12. Umar Bibulatov says

    Whats the Anime at the thumbmail

  13. jessica ojukwu says

    I’m not letting you some animals

  14. Shine says


  15. Burningsoul 334 says

    Anyone know that thumbnail?

  16. Dahyunie Wang says

    Do any of u guys know the anime where the heroine is a princess and MC is a half blood demon who can teliport I guess :3 His outfit is black
    He takes the heroine away every night and they talk on the roof
    PS. My friend says she saw a trailer of it on YouTube but forgot the name and now wants to watch it 😂

  17. Datari Tv says

    When you already watched everthing on the list

  18. Grumpy ol' Boot says

    I went and watched "Somali and the forest spirit" because of this video, and I was not disappointed.
    Warning, if you are a middle aged father who has a daughter, this anime will hit you HARD !!

    … but it's worth it.

  19. preeti choudhuri says

    One second……WHERE IS TOWER OF GOD!?!?!?

  20. Elims.clappedyou says

    What is the name of the anime in the thumbnail

  21. Sheryl Cabañog says

    Toilet bound!!!…
    Hanako San!! ♥

  22. troll hunter says

    your list sucks

  23. jacob_lumine says

    I just wanna know what the thumbnail is

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