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Top 10 Greatest First Episodes in Anime


Check out our featured song: “Accountability” by Colonel Sun! Now that is how you kick things off! Join Ashley as he counts down …


  1. says

    What's your all-time favorite first Anime episode? And check out our featured song: "Accountability" by Colonel Sun! @E-nQ

  2. Demon slayer and detective conan and tokyo ghould and promised the Neverland deserve in the " top 10 anime that have dark 1 episodes " lol

  3. yuugen says

    most of these shit made me drop the series who makes these lists?

  4. tyler butt vlogs says

    where was demon slayers that was what got me hooked on anime

  5. The31st says

    one piece

  6. DarkLadyJade says

    No mention of DRAGON BALL? Attack on Titan? Sailor Moon? Inuyasha?

  7. FORTZ Q says

    Demon slayer?

  8. Rishabh says

    I thought tokyo ghoul and attack on titan would be here…

  9. GhastTearGal ` says

    No one
    Me waiting for Attack on Titan
    Everyone talking in the comment section about attack on titan

  10. Wanre Gacha says

    Everyone is mad because AOT isn't here, but…


  11. Priyadarshi Ashok Gautam says

    I'm happy for Pokemon on making it to the top spot but it hurts that it didn't turn out to be that great . Season 19 XY and Z got my hopes up but than they started season 20

  12. Reuizi says

    aside from normie anime, everyone in anime community know the best ep1 goes to "Kotoura-san"

  13. messi Sohandsome says

    Where tf is steins gate and aot

  14. César Briceño says

    And re:zero, the promise neverland?, WTF with this top

  15. Pepe the frog says

    I want the world to know about CAPETA.. why no one talks about it.😒😒

  16. Naseem 14 says
  17. Tom Sweeny Epic Peeny says

    I forgot that the first episode of Pokemon implied that Ash and Gary were just meeting. But later when they had their battle they had this whole flashback of them together prior to Ash getting Pikachu.

  18. Light Yagami says

    Top ten anime which deserve season2

  19. mechanism for chronic says


  20. AyoubZaWeeb says

    I still think Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note and Attack On Titan have the best hooks ever.

  21. Tony Martinez says

    It should actually be a crime that Attack on Titans first episode isn’t on this list at all

  22. Mahin Rojack says

    Have you ever watched "Trigun"?
    It definitely has the best first episode. It hooked us into the series right away. Compared to that "Cowboy Bebop" took 5-6 episodes to hook us with the show. The whole series was episodic unlike Trigun.

  23. Mahin Rojack says

    Have you ever watched "Great Teacher Onizuka" or "Golden Boy"?
    Those two definitely had one of the best first episodes. Compared to those Naruto first episode was nothing special.

  24. JayClare says

    My favourite 1st woodside would have to be Bleach's!

  25. suraj spiegel says

    dr stone anyone ? i never seen a episode like that

  26. HowlingCreator says

    I am going to add my own little list that I feel was left out!
    Blue Exorcist (come on, the first three episodes are like the best episodes in the whole series)
    Bleach (iconic intro and powerful scenes)
    FMA/FMA:B (revealing their plight and what led them to where they are; also iconic)

  27. adult gon netflix adaptation says

    the true list
    1. pokemon
    3.death note
    i dont care about rest

  28. Azoic says

    Make a video on top 10 anime characters that lived up to their hype

  29. Hikaru Ringdal says

    What a trash list. Attack on Titan should definetly have been here. And Death Note should have been alot higher on this list.

  30. Psychic ScarletDream says

    "So, do you agree with our picks?"


  31. Smash 456 says

    Comment section: “wHaT aBoUt aTtAcK oN tItAn?!”

  32. Tim Dischert says

    Fat Pikachu is way cuter than the skinny one

  33. Leonardo Seepaulsingh says

    Bruh where's attack on titan and bleach😐

  34. Maurice Patoine says

    Yu Yu Hakusho!

  35. Hack_My_Sack says

    outlaw star had a sick opening episode

  36. FaithfulAizen says

    Well I think everyone wants a part 2 now

  37. Yu Yu Hakusho

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