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Top 10 Most Anticipated Anime Movies of 2020 / 2021


2020 and 21 look to be great years in terms of anime films. Let this list convince you that the anime film industry is as strong as ever. If you like the video please …


  1. Rupa De says

    Attack On Titan S4 is also coming out in 2020. Really excited for the last season!

  2. 0111mango says

    I didn’t know Omoi Omoware is having an anime adaptation 😱 Manga’s not finished yet

    Plot is not for me😅

  3. one lockser says

    what's the movie at 3:51 ?

  4. Pluneto says

    Did my man just say nifty films like… "Hello World"
    Wow, never thought I'd hear you say it about this underrated gem.

  5. Laith Elzo says

    2:22 attack on titan opening vibes

  6. Singsing_ says

    No hate but kimetsu no yaiba is overrated af… yeahh the series is good but not even closed to top 50 anime..the manga ending was literally trash..
    p/s only my hate for everyone who like it..

  7. the arthemis says

    Give me a movie I'd cry to. I dare you

  8. Tina Parin says

    Maquia love it

  9. TheKjkfan says

    Everyone, prepare enough tissue stock before watching KNY later. 😭🤧😭🤧

    Is it finally time where Violet n Gilbert reunite!!!! Another tissue stock needed😭🤧😭🤧😭🤧

  10. Little_Miss_Loona HH says

    Anime watchers: i can't wait for kimetsu no yaiba: Mugen train movie!!!!

    Manga readers: CRIES A LOT

  11. Camille Bab says

    0.35 does someone knows what anime it is please, i'm looking for it since so much time

  12. Pibi DP says

    Gintama? Yessssssss n KNY i read the manga n i cant wait to watch it

  13. Don Gato says

    The first time I ever saw of demon slayer was a funny YouTube video of a Michael Jackson looking dude.

    Now it’s super popular. Probably should start watching it.

  14. Flonne Icarus says

    There’s this one lgbt anime movie that’s supposed to come out too, anyone know what it’s called?

  15. Mine Streem says

    I thought land of the lustrous would be here

  16. Aboodi ALMEREI says

    Why did you not put made in abyss it’s over the hype

  17. Anthem of the heart is a solid 8/10 for me. It’s just one of those one of a kind animes that will really pull your heartstrings.

  18. Lone Note says

    Can't wait for:
    – Violet Evergarden Movie
    – Burn the Witch
    – Demon Slayer Movie: Infinity Train

  19. j 19 says

    What's that outro music ?
    Someone pls help

  20. Amber McGourthy says

    if you could be a cat why on earth would want to become a filthy human…

  21. Younng Josh says

    Attack on titan season 4?

  22. ۵NoobMaster69ღ says

    one punch man season 3

  23. MrHKR says

    Violet Evergarden❤️
    FSN heaven's feel lll❤️
    Burn the witch❤️

  24. Manoj Rathod says

    Violet Evergarden 😭😭

  25. jisungiee says

    Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare's author (Sakisaka Io) is the same as Ao Haru Ride, you might want to check ao haru ride too!

  26. Sulung Darmawan says

    After Weathering with you, i just waiting for nakineko and violet evergarden

  27. Prayuda Satrio anggoro says

    Kimi no nawa is and weither with you
    Same universe very touching anime movie

  28. H恵美子 says

    Burn the Witch looks fun and I like the art.

  29. Gin-chan says

    More love for our Yorozuya!

  30. Dorohedoro says

    best youtuber

  31. Mathieu Sicardi says

    For the demon slayer movie, you said that they would meet the "fire pillar", but but in the manga it says "flame pillar" and to not confuse the two

  32. Iceman says

    Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!

  33. Kenneth Del Mundo says

    Violet evergarden and demon slayer are the best among rest

  34. Fortunee Temfa Fortunee says

    When are these anime movies actually released

  35. Anime Top 10 says

    Thanks for the video

  36. Seijuro Akashi says

    Can anyone recommmend me some good animes to watch on lockdown….
    I'm kinda confused on which anime to watch nxt…

  37. Takhe bing says

    All movies are available for download or not is reply me 😅😁😁

  38. Juan Monjaras says

    Damn, gintama is going to end as movie and to make matters worse, next year. Damn,but i hope they can cover/end the ending nicely.

  39. oh snap blue bird man says

    I love it

  40. predish karunakaran says

    Anyone know the last song in the video for the outro 10:10 on-wards? cant find it anywhere. thanks!

  41. G ZuZ says

    You should make a review or something like that about new Cowboy Bepop series s2…

  42. matthew anderson says

    No game no life had a movie ?

  43. HMS says

    Am I the only one who is watching these like 24/7

  44. Mangaboy01 says

    Burn The Witch: Dragon Check (Ban… KAI !)
    M.S. Gundam Hathway's Flash: Minovsky Check (Setsuna F. Seiei. Eliminating the targets.)
    Fate Stay/Night Heaven's Feel III: Holy Check ! (I am the Bone of my Sword.)
    Kimetsu no Yaiba: Burning Check (Compass ! )
    Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 .. : Final..check?
    I'm Sorry. I died. My heart didn't make it. But even in my death, FOURTH IMPACT WILL HAPPEN ! This is the kinda NerVe you need if you wanna save the World from losing itself.

  45. Your Senpai says

    Why tf every romance movie/anime is also drama and has us like


  46. Karim Mohamed says

    3 رمضان

  47. Turtle Sparks says

    American cartoons are way behind Japan anime

  48. C F Y O W says

    ViniiTube: heaven's feel III coming in april.
    me: but april is almost over…

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