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Top 10 Most Impactful Hand to Hand Combat Anime Fights Vol. 3


After having gone through more than a dozen hand-to-hand fights in anime, why not come back for more? I mean, throughout its colorful history, anime has more …


  1. fg icon says

    Please, does anyone know where I can watch hitori no shita season 3

  2. kevyn aoki says

    im sorry i like your videos but y want to see the fight,not you speaking

  3. kevyn aoki says

    can you just pls to show the focking fight,why do you need to speak

  4. KOUADIO David says

    Where is kakashi vs obito

  5. Electro Wizard says

    Which is that anime in the starting of the video?

  6. Hollowflux says

    Natuto vs obito

  7. RodimusPrime29 says

    Does the first season of Hitori No Shita have these good fight scenes? I'm trying to get past the first episode of season 1 & it's just not holding my interest.

  8. Jayden Griffin says

    I don't know why but from 5:13 to little while after it felt so brutal.

  9. Alex Mallalieu says

    Naruto vs Sasuke?

  10. Simple Person says

    Remember when God of Highschool was actually about underground fighting?

    Gotta say though , I cant wait for the Monkey King to appear..

  11. gil lama says

    Any source links for hitori no shita season 3?

  12. KainaX122 says

    Yes! Almight vs Nomou!!

    I always go back to that fight sequence after a while because it’s just so damn good! Also, I prefer the Dub

    Sorry, not sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. Lazgangy says

    i really dont like dragon ball but gogeta vs broly is one of my favourite anime fights ever

  14. Shakill Davidson says

    Cuz that beat is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Shakill Davidson says

    Wat was that beat when he got to zhuge vs the puppets

  16. Juan Téllez says

    I liked the videos better when there wasn't an annoying voice "explaining" dumb shit and doesn't let me hear the audio from the clips

  17. Ghostly One says

    Makes me wonder how many people know why Gogeta was grinning when the rainbow ball he threw didn't seem to do anything to Broly.

  18. آسًـگآ نوُر says

    @ViniiTube I'm from Algeria and I'm a huge fan and I always waiting your amazing videos please do a list about top 10 moments in gintama

  19. Nikunj Rathod says

    Hey world one piece sucks

  20. Saloni Verma says

    Hand to hand fighting so cool

  21. Smartz Taj says

    This is the worst volume so far. The first 2 was great this one not so much

  22. siri yukihira says

    vini hitori no shita : the outcast season 3 is not release right?i can't find anywhere

  23. jared williams says

    Surprised obito vs kakashi wasnt mentioned

  24. Shivam Malik says

    Where can someone watch hitori no shita?

  25. Say what Now says

    What no shout outs to hunter hunter wtf

  26. KageRyū says

    Why you make cuts in the scenes? That to with wrong order

  27. HeroHunterPrime says

    Ok so still watching it (on the 3rd part right now) and I’m too lazy to get the actual names but it’s from Baki, the seen when Bakis dad ripped that huge bald old guys face off by shoving his hand in his ear and well ya face ripped off. I know there was a lot good fights and I was kinda disappointed by how fast it was but it was the only scene (so far) that had me literally say “well damn” after my jaw dropped

  28. SamIam says

    keep up the great contents, thank you

  29. Katsura Kotarou says

    ora ora vs muda muda

  30. QuanDar says

    I think you missed Naruto.

  31. Cero Blacknati says

    I can't get where to download outcast season 3
    Anyone know if where I can get it

  32. Bassam96 says

    no offense to the channel’s owner, but his videos were better when he wasn’t talking

  33. hammad Irfan says

    Just one question? Is Hitori no shita the outcast an anime or a Donghua. Its Donghua maybe or am I wrong about it.

  34. Vibe Kyng says

    You really call luffy vs Bruno a fight. That was more of a beat down than a fight

  35. DankBeard19 says

    Noein's details are poor though

  36. RaginDXDemon says

    Meh, the DBS Broly fight loses points with it's camera work. Too all over the place, not enough focus on the choreography. No blood too takes away from the impact from the hits like it's a glorified training session.

  37. RaginDXDemon says

    The Ed vs Greed fight in the original FMA is great…too bad it's too boring, and melodramatic to get to that poont

  38. jatin thakur says

    Look. You gotta agree. After sword battles, hand-to-hand combat fights are guys romance

  39. diego sifuentes says

    Stf and just put the fckins figths

  40. counterfetch8 says

    naruto vs sasuke last battle. as much as i hate mainstream animes, the choreography of that fight was simply incredible.

  41. Muhammad Shafiq Abdul Shukor says

    You know, you should tone down the commentary a bit. Just so that people can enjoy the clip more. Your voice is so loud that it makes the sound from the anime inaudible. This makes the clip less enjoyable as people can't immerse themselve in the fighting scene.

    I didn't say that you should stop the commentary at all. But maybe you should just make it short as the one in the video is too long or tune down your voice so that the sound from the anime is more audible.

  42. aiman swan says

    Baki ONA is also a good anime hand combat

  43. K says

    Glad Broly is finally being moved forward. Hey check out Shura no Toki if you haven’t yet. It’s period peace about an unarmed fighting style used against samurai

  44. jaiden jones says

    vegeta's fight with Broly was amazing as well

  45. Rico van den krommenacker says

    Sooo no baki?

  46. Boyimabeast says


  47. Innocent Bystander says

    Best hand to hand combat is from saitama and his villians.

  48. MeShiKi KaTo says

    Can you make top 10 goody characters with a sad past

  49. Cadex Adu says

    Amazing vid

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